• Location: Tennyson Street, Sandringham
  • Project Type: Renovation & Extension

This immaculate 1920’s home by no means needed a facelift, however the owners decided they wanted to upsize without having to sell and move, and while they were at it fix up a couple of the rooms to be more functional.

It was a fairly straight forward extension, building on top of the current living area to create a master suite complete with a sizeable master bedroom, a walk-in robe to die for, and a stunning ensuite with double vanity. Likewise, the renovations were also fairly standard procedure with a facelift to the existing kitchen and living areas, and study.

Of course no project is without its own challenges, and this project had a few. The driveway entrance to the back of the property where the bulk of the construction took place was tight to say the least. It required the site to be kept super clean and organised at all times to allow safe passage through, and clever management of moving materials and supplies to and from site. In addition, the clients lived on site for the entire duration of the project, so it was important to manage everything in a manner that allowed the maximum comfort and minimum disruption to their daily lives.

The last challenge, and easily the biggest, was the deadline. All works had to be completed in time for a family event being held at the property. This meant strict management and meticulous forward planning. The key was efficiency and urgency, without any impact on quality. Mission accomplished.

We are very happy with the way Cellstruct went about renovating our home. They were very professional, and understanding of our needs while the work was being carried out. They completed the project on time, and we were thrilled with the end result. We would definitely recommend them to any other prospective clients. – Tennyson Client

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