Toilet Blocks

  • Project Manager: Jason Mortimore
  • Site Foreman: Peter Barnett
  • Project Title: Foreshore Toilet Blocks
  • Client Name: City of Kingston
  • Project Type: Council; new build
  • Project Size: 26m circumference
  • Project Cost: approx. $400k
  • Project Schedule: 3mths Nov14-Feb15

These two State of the Art Toilet blocks located on the foreshores of Mentone and Parkdale are a sight to be marvelled. Meticulously constructed to form an ellipse shape (not a circle and not an oval but something warped and in between), these toilets are fully decked out with customised fittings and fixtures, with the exception of two sinks.

The construction process was a new one for CBG. The fully automated toilet blocks were constructed off site using the custom made fittings sourced and managed by CBG, then craned onto site on day one of construction. This is where the meticulous nature of the project comes in. Imagine building the walls and ceiling of a house around the already installed cabinets, benches, floor finishes and so on. The attention to detail of the CBG team was second to none, and everything survived unscathed.

Both blocks consist of two toilets, two change rooms, and a storeroom, with all the necessary disabled compliant elements and signage. Surrounding the toilet blocks, also constructed by CBG, are hard wood subfloor, mod wood decks.

Throughout the entire project it was of the highest importance that none of the surrounding trees be damaged or touched by CBG. Any unavoidable changes to trees were reported to council who then dealt with the issue accordingly.

The original toilet blocks remained in use throughout construction and were demolished by CBG post project

  • Foreshore Toilet Blocks
  • Toilet Blocks Kingston
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