Chelsea Women’s Sports Centre

  • Client: City Of Kingston
  • Project size: 600sqm
  • Project cost: $900,000
  • Project schedule: April to November 2011

CBG renovated an old indoor netball court into a modern and compliant facility that could accommodate the growing needs of two clubs. Our project brief was for a durable and vandal-proof recreation space true to its original theme and style.

Difficult aspects of the build included finding a flat and even surface as the original building had many different floor levels. Both clubs required access during the construction phase, so the job was split into 3 stages so that we did not interrupt any of the activities. No works were allowed on weekends and we had to be cleared up by 4pm each day when practice sessions began.

To make sure we met the completion date, careful planning went into finishing the works on time and we had schedules in place for certain trades coming on site.

OH&S is important to us across all our work, however, with many young children accessing the site, we took extra care managing site safety. All workers went through an induction process and additional toolbox meetings were conducted. There were also site restrictions as there were minor amounts of asbestos to be removed by a licensed contractor.

The facility is now used as dual-purpose calisthenics and netball club and features a separate calisthenics hall, functional change rooms, first aid room and canteen and a sprung floor in the calisthenics hall.

  • Chelsea Women’s Sports Centre Kingston
  • Chelsea Women’s Sports Centre
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