Flammable Goods Storage Shed

  • Client: Detmold Flexible Packaging
  • Project size: 140sqm
  • Project Cost: $225,000.00
  • Project schedule: 10 weeks

If you think building a flammable goods storage facility sounds slightly high-tech, then you’re right. Cellstruct Building Group (CBG) was the ideal builder to construct this facility and, given the impending deadline of an Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) inspection, our adherence to the project timeframe was paramount.

Also vital was our engineering expertise. CBG set about constructing a pre-cast concrete panel building in an existing and operating facility taking into account the specific design requirements needed for such purpose-built facility.

There were the usual quirky site obstacles to work around such as building over an existing stormwater drain in a Council easement, erecting concrete panels in confined spaces with potential traffic management issues and constructing while the existing operations continued.

Particular attention was shown to EPA hazardous storage requirements such as concrete bunding to contain any spillage and operating with a hot works permit on site (required when working with any electric power tools). We also engineered a roller shutter system to comply with fire rating. In a first for us, a mobile phone restriction applied on site at all times.

When the EPA inspection day came we were proud to present a high-quality finished facility that was incident free from start to finish.

  • Flammable Goods Storage Shed
  • Flammable Goods Storage Shed
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